Tuition & Fees

The cost of operating a school is quite high and it is borne for the most part by the parents who send students to St. Mary's. The following tuition rates have been established for:

Burlington Catholic School - Tuition 2019-2020

  • 1 Child $3384
  • 2 Children $6217
  • 3 Children $7964
  • 4 Children $8217


  • Sports Fee – Volleyball $75.00, Basketball $75.00, Track $50.00 


All books must be covered at all times. Contact paper or tape should not be put directly on any part of a book.

Students rent their textbooks.  Excess damage to these books will require a fine based on the cost of repair or replacement.  If any textbook is lost, the student will be charged the replacement cost.

Tuition Payment PolicyFacts logo

FACTS Tuition Management Company

The School Advisory Committee has decided that FACTS provides a better way to process tuition payments, to reduce tuition delinquencies, to have up-to-date record keeping of these payments, and to take advantage of current technology, namely the internet.

FACTS is an Automatic Bank Payment Plan. Through the FACTS Payment Plan, St. Mary School has chosen the following payment options:

  1. Single payment due on or before August 3, 2018 by check, cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express). This payment is made directly to the school.
  2. FACTS monthly payment plan. Automatic bank payments budgeted over 10 months (July 2018 through April 2019). Payments can be made on either the 5th or the 20th of the month. There is a $41.00 fee per family, per year for this payment option.
  3. Mastercard , Visa, Discover, and American Express payments through FACTS monthly payment plan.

No student shall be refused an education at St. Mary School if one of the above payment arrangements is made. In the case of delinquent or nonpayment, students will not be admitted for the following school term unless arrangements have been made and approved by the Business Manager. Students with unpaid tuition will not receive their report card or 8th grade diploma until payment is remitted.

Tuition Assistance Program

  • St. Mary School also has a program that assists qualified needy parents in making partial tuition payments. An appointed committee reviews applications. This program welcomes donations, bequests from wills and/or estates.
  • Funds are available through the A. B. and Jeannette Rewald Scholarship Trust. This trust fund was established by Mr. & Mrs. Rewald to help parents who qualify and would like to send their children to a Parochial School but would find it financially difficult to do so. Further information is sent to all families during the school year as to availability of applications and deadline dates.

Rewald Scholarship Form  | View All Forms

Parents who request tuition assistance consideration must have children enrolled at St. Mary's School. Applications are reviewed in confidence by the committee and must include evidence of financial need as well as a copy of your income tax records. Any additional information you wish to supply must be stated on the application and will also be kept confidential. All tuition grants will be paid directly to the school.