Family Testimonials

"The teachers and staff at St. Mary's Grade School are genuinely interested in the development of each student. As a result, each child is nutured in a safe, caring environment where character, academic discipline, and encouragement are always present. There is also a strong sense of family that permeates the St. Mary's community. The result is a fantastic student experience because parents, teachers, and students are all on the same team."

- Andrew and Wendy Lynch

"We chose St. Mary 's School,  after much thought and prayer, and after checking into many other private schools in the area. We were immediately impressed with the caring staff and the academic challenges for our daughters.  Most importantly, our daughters were able to be in a school where they could pray daily and talk about their faith in God at school.  St. Mary 's School has an outstanding staff who carry themselves as positive role models and share their faith with the students.  Our daughters were challenged in all academic areas and were encouraged daily, by their teachers, to set high goals and reach them by giving their best effort.  We were also very pleased with the discipline and classroom management.  At St. Mary's the appropriate consequences are set for individual students who have violated any policy, instead of group punishment for the whole class.

Our decision to move our daughters to St. Mary's was the best decision we could have made and became an investment in our daughters' futures."

- Scot and Kathy Ferguson

"We first became acquainted with St. Mary's in 2008. Our kids were 3 and 4, and we were in the process of deciding where they would attend school. Several of our neighbors, as well as many of the contractors that were working on our house, had sent their kids to St. Mary's and Catholic Central.  They all raved about the experience, so we went to an open house. We were very impressed by the faculty we met, and were given a personal tour by the principal, Mrs. Jackson. After our tour of St. Mary's, Mrs. Jackson asked a high school student to give us a tour of CC. On the way home, we commented to each other that the experience was like going back in time. Not because of the facilities, which were modern and up to date, but because of the attitudes and behavior of the faculty and students.

Everywhere we looked, we could see that academic excellence was the goal, and that that goal was to be rigorously pursued. What was especially noteworthy, however, was the feeling that academic excellence was being achieved in an environment of caring, discipline, and a sense of how to grow and live your life in a way that is a credit to God and your family. There was even a poster on a wall that said, "Only YOU Are Responsible for Your Actions". Wow, was this attitude really possible in a school in 2008?

The number of multi-generational families at St. Mary's is impressive, and it was a little intimidating at first. But we have been welcomed into the St. Mary's family with open arms even though we attend a non-Catholic church.  The level of involvement of St. Mary's parents and grandparents in their kid's education has to be seen to be believed, and it manifests itself in the behavior, attitudes, and achievements of the students.

. All of our expectations have been met or exceeded. We're thrilled with their academic achievements, as well as their spiritual and moral growth. We are extremely pleased to have our children attending St. Mary's, and highly recommend the experience to others."

- Phil and Sue Hein

"Our four daughters attended SMS for 16 consecutive years. They received an outstanding education that prepared them to excel in high school and college. The strong family atmosphere that St. Mary's provides helped them to grow as individuals and faith filled Catholics. We highly recommend St. Mary's School."

- Bob and Jennifer Grandi