Frequently Asked Questions


What time does the school day start/end?

Our school day starts at 8:05 AM and finishes at 3:00 PM.


When is registration?

Registration begins during Catholic Schools’ Week each year, which occurs at the end of January. Enrollment remains open throughout the year. Saint Mary’s School requires a non-refundable payment of $75 per family at the time of registration. Please see the Admissions page of our handbook for more details.

Registration Form

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Yes, there are scholarships and tuition assistance available.

  • St. Mary School also has a program that assists qualified needy parents in making partial tuition payments. An appointed committee reviews applications. This program welcomes donations, bequests from wills and/or estates.
  • Funds are available through the A. B. and Jeannette Rewald Scholarship Trust. This trust fund was established by Mr. & Mrs. Rewald to help parents who qualify and would like to send their children to a Parochial School but would find it financially difficult to do so. Further information is sent to all families during the school year as to availability of applications and deadline dates.

Rewald Scholarship Form

Parents who request tuition assistance consideration must have children enrolled at St. Mary's School. Applications are reviewed in confidence by the committee and must include evidence of financial need as well as a copy of your income tax records. Any additional information you wish to supply must be stated on the application and will also be kept confidential. All tuition grants will be paid directly to the school.


Do you have any honors classes?

Accelerated classes are available to middle school students through Catholic Central High School for a fee. We do not have a formal accelerated program for grades K-5. Instead we work with the individual student to meet their particular needs. We also work with those students who need extra help on an individual basis.

Before and After School Care Programs

Is extended care available?

Yes. Find out more

Parental Involvment Opportunities

What are some different ways parents can become involved in the school?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time. The help of our volunteers enriches our students.
Following are some areas we encourage you to look into:

  1. Computer Aides
  2. Room Parents and helpers
  3. Playground and Cafeteria Supervisors
  4. Library Aides

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Is there a preschool?

Yes, we have a half-day preschool program for our three, four and five year olds. The director of the preschool program can be reached at (262) 763-1501.

Snow Days

What are the policies for severe weather?

Caps, mittens, snow pants, leggings/slacks and BOOTS are needed for outdoor winter recess. Children will not go out for recess if the temperature is below zero and/or the wind chill is below zero.

The school will operate on the same regulations as the public school system unless extreme situations demand our closing. School closings are announced on radio stations WTMJ, WMIL, and WISN. WTMJ will always be our primary station, especially if we must close and the rest of the schools in the area stay open.