When is registration?

Registration begins during Catholic Schools’ Week each year, which occurs at the end of January. Enrollment remains open throughout the year. Saint Mary School requires a non-refundable payment of $100 per family at the time of registration. Please see the Admissions page of our handbook for more details. The handbook can be found under "Resources."

Registration 2019-2020

Tuition Assistance Program

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

Yes, there are scholarships and tuition assistance available.

  • St. Mary School also has a program that assists qualified needy parents in making partial tuition payments. An appointed committee reviews applications. This program welcomes donations, bequests from wills and/or estates.
  • Funds are available through the A. B. and Jeannette Rewald Scholarship Trust. This trust fund was established by Mr. & Mrs. Rewald to help parents who qualify and would like to send their children to a Parochial School but would find it financially difficult to do so. Further information is sent to all families during the school year as to the availability of applications and deadline dates.

Rewald Scholarship Form

Parents who request tuition assistance consideration must have children enrolled at St. Mary's School. Applications are reviewed in confidence by the committee and must include evidence of financial need as well as a copy of your income tax records. Any additional information you wish to supply must be stated on the application and will also be kept confidential. All tuition grants will be paid directly to the school.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program 

Our school is part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program/ We believe that financial limitations should not be a barrier in the ability of parents to provide a values-based Catholic education to their children.
The WPCP allows families to receive a voucher from the State of Wisconsin to enroll their children in a private or religious school tuition-free.  

Eligible Students
Students entering K4, K5, 1st or 9th grade are eligible to receive a voucher, along with students transferring from a public school who can enter at any grade. Home-schooled students can also enter the program at any grade.
Qualifying Requirements
There are two qualifying requirements to be in the program: First, the applying student must be a resident of Wisconsin and live outside the City of Milwaukee and the Racine Unified School District. The second requirement is that the family’s 2017 income (adjust gross income) cannot exceed certain limits based on the size of the household and whether the household is single- or two-parent. These limits are new for the 2018-2019 school year. See below table for the 2018-19 income limits:
Family Size Single Parent Maximum Family Income Two Parent Maximum Family Income
2 $35,728 N/A
3 $44,924 $51,924
4 $54,120 $61,120
5 $63,316 $70,316
6 $72,512 $79,512








For each additional member add $9,196 to the single parent column and then an additional $7,000 if a two-parent household.

The “once in, always in” provision of the WPCP allows the Choice student to keep his or her voucher through the 12th grade, even if family income rises above the income limits in subsequent years.

In an effort to better assist parents applying for the Choice programs, there are various resources available, which may be helpful in answering questions parents have when applying.

The following types of resources for parents can be found at
  • Online Parent Application 
  • Application Process Presentation
  • Parent Brochure (available in English and Spanish)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (available in English and Spanish)
  • Online Parent Application Print Screens
  • School Lists and Contact Information (will be posted February 1)
  • Allowed Residency Documents
  • Alternative Residency Documentation Form (will be posted by February 1)
  • Explanation of Department of Revenue (DOR) Income Determination Method
  • 2018-19 MPCP & RPCP Income Limits
  • 2018-19 WPCP Income Limits
More information and links to these resources can be found online.
For commonly asked questions, such as when do I apply, who is eligible, steps to apply, and other, please download this guide.
Parents or guardians enrolling students in the Choice program should direct any questions to SMS at 262-763-1515 or