Student Groups

Learn more about extracurricular offered at St. Mary School.

Student Council

The purpose of student council is to help develop the values of positive leadership, school spirit, Christian community and service. Four officers will be elected. Each classroom has a representative and alternate to serve on the Student Council. Meetings are held once a month.

Academic Pursuit

Academic Pursuit is an annual competition that allows the students of St. Mary School to demonstrate many of their skills and knowledge. It is designed to encourage and support the academic efforts of the young people in this school. Each child in grades 4-8 tries out for the opportunity to represent their class. Academic Pursuit welcomes your support of your child's academic effort. Students in grades 6-8 are also eligible to compete for positions on the school traveling team.

Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol is sponsored by the Burlington Police Department. Its main function is to instruct, direct and control the members of our school in crossing streets and highways at or near school and to assist children boarding the buses. The cadets are on duty 20 minutes before school begins and 20 minutes when school ends. Candidates for the Safety Patrol must have attained a good citizenship record and have kept the required academic standards. At the close of the year they are invited to an outing in the Wisconsin Dells sponsored by the Burlington Police Department.

Cadets must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be mature, responsible and respectful.
  2. Must earn the respect of all students by being a good citizen at all times.
  3. Must be prompt in reporting to their assigned positions.
  4. Must be willing to sacrifice their time and be at school outside the regular schedule.
  5. Must take direction from squad leaders.
  6. Must maintain average academic standards.
  7. Must show responsibility by turning assignments in on time.

Band, Chorus and Music

All aspects of music are taught: listening, dancing, singing, theory and playing classroom instruments. In grade 6, students may choose to join band or chorus or have a 6th grade music class. In grades 7 and 8, students have a fine arts choice that includes band, chorus or art. For students in band and/or chorus, attendance at all concerts is required. These events and daily participation are added.

Mass Servers

Ski Club

Contact Mike Antlfinger or Brenda Wright.

Boy Scouts

This program is for boys in 1st grade through high school. The program includes Tigers, Cubs, and Boy Scouts. 

Girl Scouts

This program is for girls in kindergarten through high school. The program includes Daisies, Brownies, and Girl Scouts at the different grade levels.