Your gifts are such a blessing to us! Words can never describe the thankfulness we feel each time we receive a donation from an alumni, parent, or friend of St. Mary School. Your support makes it possible for us to explore technology, offer financial aid to deserving students and stabilize our budget. Each year, St. Mary needs to raise considerable funds to fill the gap between tuition and the actual cost per student. You can help St. Mary in many ways!

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Planned Giving

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match donations given to a charity by an employee: full-time, part-time or even retirees. Check with your company's Human Resources Department and if they match donations, they will give you an application to complete. Make sure to bring in or mail the application to our school office and Sue Vrzan will see that it is filled out properly and will even mail it to the respective area. Just think, a $50 donation can be turned into $100!! A $500 donation can turn into a $1,000 donation!!

Charitable Bequests

Bequests account for the single largest form of a planned gift. Here are bequests that exist:

  • General bequest-a bequest with a specific dollar amount. Many times the donation will come from an estate.
  • Specific bequest-A specific asset to be contributed from the decedent’s estate. This may come from shares of stock.

  • Restricted bequest-This bequest must be used for a specific project or program of interest to the donor.
  • Residuary bequest-This directs that all or a portion of the decedent’s assets be directed to a charity after all debts, taxes, expenses and general and specific requests have been paid.

  • Percentage bequest-A stated percentage of the donor’s estate or residuary estate is paid to a charity.
  • Contingent bequest-This provides a gift to a charity in instances where the intended beneficiary either dies before the testator or the intended beneficiary disclaims a right to receive the testator’s property at the time of death.