School Unification Information

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The Tri-Parish Pastoral Council tasked members from the area Catholic parishes to investigate unifying St. Charles and St. Mary Schools in order to strengthen and grow Catholic education in the Burlington community. In response, the Unification Steering Committee was formed in May 2017. With a mission to promote exceptional Catholic education in a unified academic community, the Steering Committee enlisted the collaborative efforts of over 70 individuals representing both schools creating the following task force groups: Curriculum, Facilities, Finance, Hot Lunch, Resource/Technology, Legal, Marketing and Communications, Personnel, Preschool, School Policy and Culture. These groups are currently at work to investigate the many issues specific to their area.

The Steering Committee has been concerned about communication from the very beginning of the process. To date, multiple listening sessions have been held, parent and faculty surveys have been conducted, and an informational website was created to ensure open communication. The goal of this update is to provide another avenue of information on the unification process. Here are the key points:

  • The goal of the Steering Committee is to provide a recommendation to the Pastoral Council in January of 2018.
  • The Steering Committee and the task forces have been meeting on a regular basis.
  • Listening sessions have been held where questions have been asked and concerns have been raised for the committee to consider.
  • Current school families were surveyed, the Curriculum task force surveyed faculty, and the School Policy and Culture task force will conduct a student survey soon.
  • The Steering Committee meetings are open to the public. Public questions and comments are taken at the start of each meeting.
  • No decisions have been made, but an acceleration of the process is noticeable, and some task force recommendations should be made soon for the Steering Committee to consider.

Individuals with concerns and questions are encouraged to contact Bob O’Neill, Steering Committee Chair, at or attend a meeting. The Steering Committee will meet in St. Charles’ Andre Hall on the following days:

  • Monday, December 4, 2017
  • Monday, December 18, 2017 - Last public meeting!

Additional information can be found on the Burlington Catholic Schools Information Site