Preschool Office

We are so fortunate to have a strong preschool here on our campus along with St. Mary School and Catholic Central High School.  Our preschool is being overseen by Mrs. Loretta Jackson, St. Mary School principal, who is serving as Interim Director. Mrs. Sarah Tomczyk is an Administrative Assistant who will be working in the preschool office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 until noon.  Mrs. Denise Morrisey will continue as the lead teacher of our MWF 4-year-old program and will assist on the days Mrs. Tomczyk is not in.

All our preschool and extended care programs are in safe and secure hands! This is because of our extremely dedicated teachers and our highly supportive families.

Thank you for all your support and blessings! God Bless you all!


May Donations of the Month:

  • 5 oz paper cups
  • Small plain white paper plates
  • Large plain white paper plates