Friday, July 21, 2017

Time and Talent

When We Work Together - Great Things Happen!

"Many hands make light work." Perhaps you've heard this old saying and know it to be true. In our attempts to make our parish a strong community of faith we all need to do our part. I invite you to reflect on the gifts and talents God has blessed you with and how you might best share them with our parish community. I ask you to consider offering your time as a volunteer or as a supporter of the many programs that are offered at Immaculate Conception (St Mary) Parish. I invite you to give prayerful reflection to your considerations as you complete this pledge form.

Please return your completed Time / Talent Pledge to the Parish Office or feel free to place it in an envelope in the Offertory collection at any of the Masses. Every adult member of your family should complete a separate form. Simply place an "X" in the box next to all the activities you might be interested in joining. If you are unable to help in a physical capacity, I ask you to please pray for the volunteers and the mission of our parish.

The Lord's work continues at Immaculate Conception Parish only because of your generosity and commitment. It is imperative that all parishioners continue in this same spirit. As Holy Scriptures teach us, when we offer what we have, even if we consider it "only a little," the Lord takes what we offer and multiplies it beyond our imagininng. We have seen this happen in the past, and we can experience this once again in the future. When we work together - great things happen!

May God bless you and reward you for your continued support of Immaculate Conception Parish.

Fr. Jim Volkert