Friday, July 21, 2017


Finding Your Way Around Campus

Immaculate Conception (St Mary) Parish Church

The church is located on the corner of W State Street and McHenry Street in Burlington, Wisconsin.  Parking is available on W State Street, McHenry Street, and in the lot on W State Street across the street from the church.  If school is not in session, parking is also available in two other parking lots.  One parking lot is located on the east side of St Mary School and the other is behind the school off of Randolph Street.  108 McHenry Street, Burlington, WI 53105.

Parish Offices

The parish offices can be reached by walking down the sidewalk between the south side of the church and north side of the rectory.  The entry into the parish offices faces north (toward the church) and is attached to the back (east side) of the rectory.  When walking from McHenry Street, the door to the parish office will be on the right up a set of stairs.  Office hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to Noon and 1PM to 4PM.

St Mary School

When school is in session, visitors should enter the grade school from the W State Street side of the school.  Parking is available in the lot on W State Street across from the church, and on W State Street.  If school is not in session, parking is also available in the lot behind the school which can be accessed from Randoph Street.

Heim Hall (Church Basement)

Entry into Heim Hall requires going down stairs.  There are two sets of stairs (one on the right and the other on the left) just inside the main doors of the church, which face McHenry Street.  There is another entry to Heim Hall through a set of doors on the outside of the church which face the Parish Offices.  The door is on the south side of the church.

Grade School Sporting Events / Main Gym

It is suggested to park in the lot behind St Mary School off of Randolph Street.  If this lot is full, parking is also available on Randolph Street and McHenry Street.  The entry doors to the main gym are on the south west side of the parking lot.  Another entrance, to the main gym, is located on the McHenry Street side of the of Catholic Central.  Keep in mind that there are two gyms on the campus.  The larger one, which is usually used for grade school events, is best accessed from the Randolph Street parking lot.

Concerts / Plays / Theater / Dances (Topper Hall)

Plays, concerts, presentations and other events are held in Topper Hall.  The entrance to Topper Hall can be approached from either the Randolph Street parking lot, or from McHenry Street.  Look for the electronic marquee sign on the high school building facing the old cobblestone church.  Park either on McHenry Street or in the Randolph Street parking lot when school is not in session.  Topper Hall can also be accessed through the MAC (concession and gathering area located between the main gym and Topper Hall.

Campus Map